"We believe our expansion into the wild should reflect and complement the existing beauty of nature" 

"We recognize the distinctive language of each site, striving to craft a work of art that seamlessly harmonizes with its natural landscape." 

"We acknowledge a home transcends mere structure, and instead becomes the living canvas of your story" 





Upwall Design is a full service architectural firm specializing in the art of the custom home. It is “high-art”, to create a full scale, three dimensional structure that fits seamlessly into the landscape, that can withstand the extreme conditions imposed by nature, and still include all of the particular wishes and dreams of each individual family.  

We are pioneers and true craftsmen of this new movement in mountain design. Founded in 1991, by Michael Upwall, the firm blends the art of hand sketching with the latest technology of computer aided design. We take deep pride in shepherding each individual clients' dreams into reality, and continue to approach each home as a celebration of accomplishment, and an opportunity for a family's memories.